Monday, October 22, 2007

New Addition

Does this outfit look familiar, Necia? It is the ONLY smocked outfit that I ever got away with putting on my boys.

Pondering the million dollar question? (For a baby that would be, "Do you like the present I just made you?")

So far AJ has been the best baby. He's not quite sleeping through the night every night. But we have had no colic and he is now starting to coo and laugh at us. Who couldn't love someone this darn cute!!!

What can I say? The boy's feet are so cute. They smell, but they look cute. Thanks to my friend Heidi Dressler for her photog skills.

They are growing so fast. Hard to believe that Evan was that small 8 years ago!!!

Peek a Boo!
Zac, our middle child and exhibitionist, sneaks into the pic. At least he has all of his clothes on. Can't say that he did when he got in trouble at school last week!! Zac is what the French call, canaille (pronounced ka-ni), which means sneaky or sly. Zac thought he was being canaille when he tried to urinate on the playground, instead of going inside. Why waste time going all the way inside, when I can whip it out right here and go back to playing. The problem was that he mooned the whole class!! Boys!!!

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cfbarker said...

Okay I got it! Great job, Dixie - I'm impressed. You have beautiful children...or should I say handsome? Those are some great pics of the new addition. Keep them coming!