Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!!! It was filled with fun and activities. Here's what the Latiolais Clan was up to....

Too cute not to add... Zac and AJ "trying" to act good so they can get more presents!! I think they were praying that the empty tree would get some presents and not just some boxes of rocks. (Notice the absence of ornaments due to the 2 year old and dogs.) I wish I could have gotten a picture of our Boxer, Harley, who kept eating the tree limbs??? What's up with that??

I made every Christmas party and concert. It is super nice to teach at the same school Evan and Zac go to.

Evan's Chorus concert was cute and he was too cute!!

Zac's party: If he wasn't eating, he was talking.

Evan's class had to open a gift that had been duct taped while wearing oven mitts. It was quite funny!

The boys had a good Christmas and we all have had fun playing with the loot from Santa. (Yes, they were good enough to get presents and not boxes of rocks.)

Lots of Star Wars stuff!!!

Rip Sticks!!!! Fun, Fun!!!



Jill said...

Hi Dixie, I just found your blog through Vicki's! Looks like a great Christmas- Happy New year from the Stewarts!!

The Latiolais Family said...

Thanks, Jill! Hope you guys have a great New Year as well!