Sunday, February 8, 2009


So yesterday, we decided to take down AJ's crib and put him in a big boy bed. I was sad because my baby is getting bigger, and Chris just did not understand why that would make me sad. It did make me sad until last night when it was time for baths. I was putting Zac and AJ in the tub when AJ decided to poop in the tub! So while I am cleaning up the tub, AJ and Zac are standing naked in the bathroom and AJ poops on the floor. Chris comes to help and AJ poops again. So now I understand why Chris wants him to grow up, we are reaching the point in our lives where we are glad that our boys are going to all be out of diapers and high chairs, and no one poops on the floor! But I will still miss those sweet baby smiles! How can you be mad at a face like that?


Keli said...

Cute!! at least the poop was on the floor...and not the walls!!! :)

Lewis Family said...

LOL... oh the bitter sweetness of growing up. I raise my glass to you. Here is to no more poop!